Closing the Gaps Between Where You Are & Where You Want to Be

How It Works

Before we begin the process together, we always like to have a preliminary discussion to learn more about you and determine if our services can match your needs.

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Goal Setting

In our first meetings together, we’ll discuss the goals you want to achieve, both in the near future and in the upcoming years. We’ll talk through your personal vision, your ambitions for your work or business, and the dreams you have for your family.

Financial Inventory

With your assistance, we will compile and take inventory of your financial data, including account statements, outstanding debt, retirement accounts and additional materials.

Financial Analysis

We will analyze your financial picture and meet with you to illustrate where you are now. Together, we’ll discuss how you are currently lining up with your goals.


Our team will work to develop a detailed financial plan intended to close the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll walk through our recommendations with you and discuss an ongoing partnership together.

Plan Implementation

If you've decided to continue through a partnership with us, we will begin the process of implementing your financial solution. You will have clear steps to take as we work together to put your plan into place.

Continuous Monitoring

Over time, J. Gordon Financial Services will be monitoring your progress. As your life evolves, we will update your plan as necessary. As your partner, we are here to find solutions to address any financial question, life event or new goal that comes up over time.

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